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Paper Boats

We have of wisdom here and wisdom come from the fear (awe) of God.

Reasoned Cases For Christ

I don’t know if this post will help anyone or not. I don’t even know if I am on target, but what follows is how I see and understand what I see happening as of late, with regard to the abortion issue. Hopefully it will help someone.

Bruce’s Parable of the Paper Boats

There was a man on the island of Whatever who had a paper boat that developed a tear in it when it was left in the water for any amount of time. The man tried to fix the tear in his paper boat but that tear or another tear kept coming back. What was the problem? The problem was that the boat was made of paper and paper doesn’t last very long, when exposed to water.

Other people on the island of Whatever who also had paper boats ran into similar problems. Sometimes the paper boat would…

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  1. Interesting take. If people choose to build a paper boat and are too stupid to see the bogger issue, let them drown, but it is not the same as abortion as the law is designed to protect those that are not in a position to argue the outcome and how it affects them: the unborn child.

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