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Sunday Storms

So far today we have only had rain. Having not checked the rain gauge yet I’m not sure how much but the ground is still soaked from the last days of showers. Several days . Earlier this week there has been over 3 inches in the little glass measuring tube. They are calling for more tonight and tomorrow with some being on the serious side. I’m not afraid of storms but do hold a healthy dislike for them especially those that come in the night. Kinda hard to see what is coming and we can’t depend on electric communication sometimes. The NOAA weather radio does get a workout in our Spring storms. And the alarm sound going off sends Babe into the frenzy mode.

Earlier I did take a picture or two of my garden problems.The first is weed MSU identifies as Dock.I don’t think there is a good use for it although the cows used to enjoy me throwing them a pile over the fence . Where it all comes from is a mystery because hundreds of little plants have been dug up and thrown away. The second is the neverending ant. I hate using toxic products but sometimes there is no choice and they still move over to another place only to require more toxic contamination.

The good news is there have been blossoms on the fruit trees and quince bush which the bees just love. No fruit but I keep the trees for the bees. They are eager to find what they can this early.

I’ll be back with more crafty expression soon.( Easter cards and a new batch for Treelady Nursery.)

Ya’ll take care and remember… This is the Lords day…Rejoice!

Come again soon and please leave a comment so I know you have been here. Company is always welcome.