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More Wins and Comfort Food

Rain,rain,rain. Cindy came and is having trouble leaving our house. The ground really can’t hold any more water.  I really don’t mean to complain and I do enjoy the sounds of rain fallin on the tin roof and the road crew did fix the washout in front of our house but really now….Move on Miss Cindy.

Wonders to behold….another blog win for little ole me. How can this be? Well.. spending a lot of time clicking through blogs helps and sometimes it pays off. This time it was Serendipity Stamps  and my goodness it was hard to decide what to get for the $20.00 credit. Finely settled on a new one for Christmas and a couple of more. The best was the discovery of great clear boxes for cards to be on display when I sell them at a store. Some of my newer cards have so much dimension a regular card fold just will not  hold them. This was a good find. Here are a couple of cards made with the new sunflower stamp.

Now on to comfort food. Why do we always , at least me, go for sweets? I know , like you know ,sweets are NOT good for us but that is always where I turn for comfort in the food world. These little chocolate goodies are just to good to be so bad for us. But they are quick and easy.

Peanut Butter Fudgies

2 cups sugar     2 1/2 Tbs, cocoa     1/2 cup milk    1/2 cup butter ( real please)

1/2 cup peanut butter      2 cups quick-cooking oats ( but I use old fashioned oats)

Combine sugar and cocoa in a large sauce pan and stir until smooth. Add butter.

Place over high heat and bring to a boil; boil 2 min. and remove from heat. add peanut butter and stir until melted; add oats and mix well.

Drop by spoonfuls ( I use a soup spoon ) on to waxed paper on a baking sheet. Cool

Making them on a day like today with all the rain is NOT a good idea. They have trouble setting up and stay runny to long. ( if you don’t finish them of before then )

Gotta go for now, but promise to be back with more cards soon. I have been busy trying to get things ready for sale. Come back and see.

Remember…This is the Lords day…Rejoice and be glad.

Built by Bebe and a Win

Fencing not for sissies

A while back I may have mentioned that my dog had taken up terrible habits since my husbands passing. She started digging deep holes in my flowerbeds.  What was once a pretty area of my yard was just gone.. If that wasn’t bad enough I was and still am concerned about her catching the disease that did my sweet Tobie in. Blastomicosis!  Any way …I knew the flowers were not going to survive unless there was a fence.

Now fencing is a major thing on a farm and we( my husband mostly) learned how to do it the right way from a former employer , a German farmer who knew the proper way to fence. Well…that isn’t the kind of fence I put up but it will do the job. Now all I need is a strong arm to “cut” another panel for the gate. The flowerbed will reemerge someday…maybe in the fall. Right now it is so overgrown it is scary. Reusing “hog” plnels was the answer. Heavy, but me ,myself, and I managed to drag them into the yard and up them up. Yea! You do what you have to do.


WINNER!! Another blog hop win. So much fun picking out all of this…and just in time. Thank you Impression Obsession. I’ll share the creative endeavor later.