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Built by Bebe and a Win

Fencing not for sissies

A while back I may have mentioned that my dog had taken up terrible habits since my husbands passing. She started digging deep holes in my flowerbeds.  What was once a pretty area of my yard was just gone.. If that wasn’t bad enough I was and still am concerned about her catching the disease that did my sweet Tobie in. Blastomicosis!  Any way …I knew the flowers were not going to survive unless there was a fence.

Now fencing is a major thing on a farm and we( my husband mostly) learned how to do it the right way from a former employer , a German farmer who knew the proper way to fence. Well…that isn’t the kind of fence I put up but it will do the job. Now all I need is a strong arm to “cut” another panel for the gate. The flowerbed will reemerge someday…maybe in the fall. Right now it is so overgrown it is scary. Reusing “hog” plnels was the answer. Heavy, but me ,myself, and I managed to drag them into the yard and up them up. Yea! You do what you have to do.


WINNER!! Another blog hop win. So much fun picking out all of this…and just in time. Thank you Impression Obsession. I’ll share the creative endeavor later.