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Long time no see.

Yes, it has been way to long. Life just gets in the way or maybe I am just terribly slow . any way…there is color challenge over at the Daily Marker by Kathy Racoosin and I have been trying to keep up. Well…maybe not running a race here but here are my coloring attempts.

Sweet  Katelyn

Sweet Katelyn

Un -happy birthday

Very Happy -un-Birthday

Now that's a butterfly

Now that’s a butterfly

I really enjoy learning from all of these really good “stampers” . It is very time consuming to watch all of the video’s but goodness I don’t want to miss anything. I do have to use what I have and that means simple supplies at my work station. No Copic (yet) but I do have  a couple of Chameleon ColorTones sets and left over SU Blendabilities and  a watercolor set that my grands use. Of course the usual SU markers too. There are probably some left over watercolor pants from way back but they will be in the bottom of the craft closet and I haven’t looked lately. Both my younger sister and I were art majors in collage but like I said that was a long time ago.

Now not to make this any longer than necessary would you like to see a few things made for the grands? OK  here we go…..

L's one year

L’s one year birthday

My number 5 grand and number 2 grandson turned one this past April. Goodness he might be grown before I get to hug him, but that is another story for another day. I understand his room is decorated with moon and stars so …..

Next up is number one grand and number one grand son  who just turned 5. Oh me…His party was all about Super Hero stuff and his

Five years old

Five years old

mom made all of the children super capes to fly around in.. This was my card…. and this was his gift.

Up,up and away

Up,up and away

He loves the UP movie and came in one day and said ” Bebe, I need an adventure book” so what else but an adventure book had to be made. Now he can fill it with all his dreams and discoveries.

That’s it for today. Who knows maybe tomorrow will bring more of what I have been up to.

Let me remind you that …   This is the day that the Lord made…Let us rejoice

Until next time do have a good day

Comments on: "Long time no see." (2)

  1. Your cards are so cute and adorable.You are doing a great job. Thank you so much for participating in The 30 Day Coloring Challenge and I hope you will be up for the next one.
    Kathy/The Daily Marker

  2. Hello Beverly! s’been a looong time! Hope you’re well and you and yours are all fine and groovy.

    I’ve just beein going through my list of folks I follow and when I spied your name I instantly realised that I hadn’t been to your blog for a while (illness, followed by illness, followed by more of the same, then topped of with my craft room computer turning up it’s toes! sigh), so I thought I’d come straight over and check out what’s been going on.

    I LOVE this post!!! I adore the ‘Swing on a Star’ canvas – absolutely perfect. I bet he loved it. I adore the Super-hero card – I can see my own little grandson liking that one muchly.

    Love the colouring – especially so that wonderful butterfly! WOW – what a great piece of artwork that is!

    But … my absolute favourite out of everything is …. The Book of Adventure. That hot air balloon on the front just totally makes it for me. The whole thing appeals to the child within me. That part of me which never grew up and who I open the doors and let out to play as often as I possibly can. Aww.. even at the grown up age I now am, I’d still like a book of ‘Adventure’.

    Did you draw the hot air balloon or stamp it? And … did you make the book? It looks truly fabulous. Perfect for recording adventures!
    Sending love and squidgy hugs ~ Cobs. x

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