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Movie Monday: “The Secret Code of Creation”

No need to know what’s around the next bend. — A Call To The Remnant

There will come a time when you have no desire whatsoever to see the next step. As the path gets narrower, our vision gets narrower. And the paradox is that as our vision is restricted and we have no desire to know what is around the next bend, our trust in God increases and we […]

No need to know what’s around the next bend. — A Call To The Remnant

He whispers to me: A poem

Thank you Father

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

God Whispers
God Whispers

The Master comes to me and whispers to me not to despair. He is present with me. He is here.

He is always here, even when I don’t know it.

He is strong like a warrior. Strong like an Iron Man. He is not decrepit.

He is here to save me. He is very happy I am his child.

He calms me with His love. He delights me with His songs.

He lifts my soul as He whispers to me not to despair.

Nothing is impossible for God.

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What Christians can learn from Children

The Domain for Truth

Establish the need: Can we learn from children?

Purpose: This session we will explore five things we can learn from children so that we can live out a life that glorify God more.

  • Kids teach you conduct matters (Proverbs 20:11)
  • Kids teach us humility matters (Matthew 18:2-6)
  • Kids teach us about God’s love (Matthew 18:10)
  • Kids teach us the importance of the kingdom of God (Mark 10:13-16)
  • Kids teach us to praise God (Psalm 8:2 see Matthew 21:15-16)

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How Yeshua became Jesus (Greek Jesus vs Hebrew Yeshua)

Questions that Jesus Asks in the Good News According to Matthew

More to think about

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

Image result for questions jesus asked Jesus Questions

It is stunning how skillfully our Master Jesus, the Messiah, uses questions (read more here) to teach vital spiritual truths.

Jesus never asked a question because he needed to know the answer.  He used questions the way a surgeon uses a scalpel, to delicately cut into a new level of understanding.

Compiled here is a list of questions Jesus asked in the good news according to Matthew.  Though it is probably not exhaustive, it is an extensive collection of interrogations still demanding answers of us.

I find myself stunned at the power of these questions to cut into my soul.  I’d love to hear which question most jumps off the page and leaves you pondering as you read today.

Questions that Jesus asks in the good news according to Matthew

  1. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? (Matthew 5:46)
  2. If you greet…

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Broken & Hopeless

Pleas give your heart to Jesus

For Such A Time As This

What powerful testimony…

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History…we don’t know or don’t want to remember

Reasoned Cases for Christ

YOU’RE LOOKING AT THE WRONG THRONEby Dr. Andrew Corbett, Senior Pastor of Legana Christian ChurchIt might seem like things are getting increasingly difficult for Christians today (and for good reason). But take a moment to reflect on when the LORD chose to birth the New Covenant Church. Firstly, it was during the rule of the…


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Think about this …and pray.


Michael Jeshurun

With a zeal to cast away everything which the Roman Catholic Church holds, many have suggested that true Christians should have nothing to do with Doctrines and Creeds as well, seeing that the Harlot Church holds to such.

In fact some Christians when asked WHAT their doctrine is, count it a mark of humility and maturity to say – “It is just Jesus Christ”!

Beloved, it does not help to say that one’s creed is just ‘Jesus Christ’. For there are MANY Christ’s! We have the Romish Christ, the Mormon Christ, the ‘Christ’ of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and every other cult which defends its authority by Scripture claims to believe in ‘Jesus Christ’.

So it behooves us to define the Christ we believe in by Sound doctrine! This is why every Church worth its name has what they call their ‘Statement…

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Stand up for Jesus-do not bow down to the gods of this world.

Take your stand

A Call To The Remnant

Saints are you ready? God is sending a refining fire. Our God is a consuming fire. The fire, as we speak, is being kindled. You may have heard talk of revival. There is something coming that is so much higher than revival. There is something coming that the world has never seen before. A Church united by persecution. An ancient unity first spoken of in John 17 by the Lord Jesus Himself. A Church arising from the ashes of mediocracy. A Church ushered into the glory.

And on the other side of that is the unity of the world. A world unified by the brotherhood of man. A world united by it’s hatred of everything that opposes its own virtues. A bold enraged world that is about to initiate a grand inquisition. In every town and in every city and in every nation of the world there will come the…

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