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It not all Cards

Here at Journey End Farm it’s not all cards and stamps and ink and glue and tape. Nope there are flowers for real.Image

The picture turned out really bright but the common day lilies are bright and so pretty even it they are gone by morning.

 I read a nice story ,years ago, in the old Victoria magazine about a lady who raised day lilies. Every evening she would go out

and”pick flower” . She would fill baskets and vases’ and buckets and bowls with every color in the rainbow from her garden . Can’t you just imagine the beauty. Next morning she would just dump them in the compost pile and wait for the evening again. Beautiful way to enjoy Gods creation.

Here is a picture of one of my gifts to Anna Marie on her first birthday.


Butterflies…lots of butterflies and one sweet baby girl growing up way too fast.

There is also a new baby of a different kind but just as important to us farmers.</pNew baby heifer calf>


Do have a great weekend…until later. Remember… this is the Lords Day…Rejoice!

Post Number Two

Yes I said I would be back. Here I need to tell you about all the fun, new things at Stampin’UP!. Starting tomorrow, around 1:00 CST the new 2014-2015 catalog goes on line. It is great. Easy to look up what you are in need of and full of new creation ideas and color.

New 2014-2015 Catalog

New 2014-2015 Catalog

One word of caution…the new Blendabilities Markers will not be available until later this month or the first of July. Except for demonstrators…we will get to that in a few minutes. I think the company is staving of back orders with this and just don’t want anyone to be disappointed with not receiving their order pronto. the new markers are so much fun to use,with a little practice, and really beautiful. Smooth coloring for sure and the name “Blend” is perfect.

Now for the later… Demonstrators can order the new markers.Even new demonstrators. AND…until June 30 you can get a starter kit for $50.00 that includes $55.00 in products of your choice. Of course you can also get the $99.00 kit and receive $125.00 in products of your choice. Both options will get you a 30% discount on your first qualifying order of $150.00 within 45 days. Plus you will continue to receive the 20% discount later as a demonstrator if you decide to continue. Of course there is no pressure to continue. There might even be a surprise included with your kit. Oh, new demonstrators can even get a free ticket to the convention in Salt Lake city later in July. How cool is that?

Now, back to the new catalog…Do you scrapbook? Hold on to your hats…Stampin”Up! has formed a partnership with Becky Higgens the founder and developer of Project Life memory system. Now you can get all of her ideas for documenting you family and special memories in Stampin”Up! famous colors where every thing goes just perfectly with what you are doing. It could not possible be any easier.

Check out my “store” at Get in touch and let me know what you think.

Again…this is the Lords day…Rejoice

Wow what a weekend!

To start off we have had much needed rain. Not the gutter wash kind ,but a good slow rain that will make the new garden just take off. I’ll get pictures later to show the growing progress.
Then, our number 2 Granddaughter had her number one birthday party. She won’t be one until June 6 but we do these things when Daddy is home of course. We also found out she has news…she is going to be a big sister,in December. My goodness this little family is growing by leaps and bounds. Girl number 3 is well on her way.
Next, but really a few hours earlier, we had a new heifer calf born. We will name her AM in honer of GD Number 2’s birthday.
Now to get back to work and get more pictures of the next card challenge and a couple of other birthday cards ready to post.
Until then remember.. This is the Lords day…Rejoice!

It’s done, well almost.

The garden that is. We have been trying to get the garden planted for ever… either too wet so too much else going on, but now the tomatoes, cream peas, okra, kale, purple ” green ” beans are finally in the ground. Still need to get some cuks planted and we only planted two yellow squash plants. Some times they just produce way more than I can cook up or put up. There are four bell pepper plants but no banana peppers. The freezer is full of banana peppers.
The carrots from the fall garden are still producing and we replanted the beets. Are they good or what? Now the health news is full of information on the greatness of beets.
Gabriel loves to pull carrots. Now if only he will learn to eat them. They are so sweet and tender and so good for us.
When every thing gets really going I will snap a picture so ya’ll can see the progress. Now this only counts if they really get going. the last two years have been real duds. With food prices going up every week and going to get even higher things really NEED to get going.

Memorial Weekend is a time to be thankful for all of those who have fought for the freedom we have very little of today. Please remember them while BBQ and water sports are the fair of the weekend. Also think about joining OWH ( Operation Write Home) and send a card to” Any Hero” or get in touch with me and come make cards for those who are still fighting for our freedoms. It’s a feel good kinda thing.

Until later… this is the Lords day…Rejoice!


Any one reading this blog has probably figured out I am having trouble learning the ropes. I’ll get there but some things are out of my control. Like not being able to get the pictures from the camera to the blog without a serious headache.

Oh… the weather has been sooo nice. Cool at night which means no air con. needed and very comfortable during the day. We went to the Square Affair this morning. Crafts and “old” cars with a truck or two  are always fun to visit. Not sure I want to join the circus of craft fairs. Didn’t seem to be many people buying and it is expensive to sit these things up. Some of the vendors came from a long way and I do hope someone bought more than I was able to.

Do have plants ready to put in the garden next week. It is going to be another beautiful weather week I think. Of course “they” could change it over night. Happens often. Rose Bud store carries Bonnie plants and they look good ,we will see what happens. The last two years of gardens have been duds. We really need for the garden to do really well this year.

Ok..I’m out of her for tonight.  Sleep well and remember tomorrow is the Lords day ( just like every day) Rejoice!


Well, this just takes the cake. the Butterfly challenge closed 6 hours ago. I will have to pay better attention from now on. Of course there will be another one. The Butterfly challenge is always open it just changes every now an then. Sooo….. Until the next challenge is posted
I’ll just have to remember how I did this. lol

Anyone out there reading this …Please leave a comment and let me know you are there. Maybe even click follow and I promise to “get my act together” sooner rather than later

Butter Sparkles

Butterfly Sparkles #6

Butterfly Sparkles #6

This is finally coming together. Nothing should be as hard as it has been to find this picture and try to get it to the challenge. Good grief!

Spring One on One for Brian King #1

Spring One on One for Brian King #1

This is one of the cards I sent to Brian King for his Spring One on One card swap. In return I received one from someone else. Great fun!

Spring One on One for Brian King #2

Spring One on One for Brian King #2

The second One on One. This is only the second swap I have entered but there will be more.
Now if I can only get organized enough to enter more challenges lol.With the garden , that may be later,but there are a lot of birthdays and a 50th anniversary this month so challenges may have to take a back seat. Oh, Here is the anniversary I sent my son. To bad it was returned. Seems I have the wrong address. lol.

First Year

First Year

Ok, that’s all folks. See you later.

Glitter- silver butterfly

Well…don’t know what is going on here. the picture is in the gallery but will not load to WordPress.  i have got to get anew system or go crazy .

The weather here has been beyond perfect. Mildly warm day, cool nights . No rain ,little breeze..what more could any one ask for. this certainly make cleaning up from the terrible storms a whole lot easier. Prayers continue for those involved.

Saturday we had a fun 4 year old birthday party for my grandson. Lots of kido’s and parents too. fun, fun, fun. Now after Mothers Day  and my DH birthday( which is the same day ) we will get ready for a 1 year birthday party  , then  a 2 year old party a few weeks later.  Goodness. Party, party, party.

Now , as soon as I figure out why the pictures won’t load, I’ll show you the cards I made for a couple of challenges. unfortunately I’ve missed the cut off on at least one of them.

Maybe I can show you the picture of the front of our new 2014-2015 Stampin’Up! catalog. Maybe, we will see.

No, it wouldn’t come in either. I’ll try later… Until then…Have a great day



Pop up Easter Card

Pop up Easter Card